Okayama University


Periodontal Science

Professor: TAKASHIBA Shogo

“Human resources development, research useful for society, clinical aiming for SoLA” It is a laboratory that is active with such wishes.
Twenty years have passed since I became a Professor and Chair of this Department. There were so many things happened during that time, but I am proud that I have learned a lot and have contributed to our society, even though a little, through education, research, and dental and medical care. What can we do and what will happen in the next five years? Let’s think about us 5 years later!

Message: A protruding nail will be growing very well and will never be hammered down. This slogan is creating an environment that outreaches to something new. Department members from different disciplines, multi-professionals, and worldwide are inspiring each other.


Periodontology, Endodontology, Regulation of Biofilm and Inflammation, Periodontal medicine, Periodontal tissue regeneration




Professor:TAKASHIBA Shogo