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Admission Approval

How to contact desired professors to obtain admission approval

First Contact Forms

<updated on March 1, 2020>

Personal Profile Excel PDF
Curriculum Vitae Excel PDF
Research Planning Sheet Excel PDF

FAQ (2013.02.01)

If you are a private financed student and intend to join us as a research student, please contact the office in charge as indicated at the bottom of this webpage.

1. First Step

Please refer to the URL below and choose a professor (“the prospective supervisor”) based on your research interest at Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences.
Please refer the following URL of Okayama University.


2. Second Step

Once you find a prospective supervisor, prepare PDF files of the following documents and contact the professor by e-mail to confirm the professor is willing to accept you.

  • Personal Profile: download the format
  • Curriculum Vitae including school records starting from elementary school: download the format
  • Diploma and a certificate of completion of a bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Official transcript of an undergraduate education or higher
  • Document demonstrating language proficiency
  • Research Planning Sheet: download the format

First Contact Forms

3. Third Step

Upon your prospective supervisor’s request, Graduate Office staffs will confirm your
academic background. We will contact your prospective supervisor regards to the result.
Please discuss your carrier plan with your prospective supervisor.

4. Forth Step

Upon obtaining approval for admission from the prospective supervisor preparations for study begin.
Ask him/her for an application guidebook and admission application forms. Submit them attached with the required documents by the specified due date.

【Necessary documents for admission application】

  • Admission application forms
  • Entrance examination fee
  • Other documents that your faculty identified as necessary