Okayama University



Tuition and Tuition Fee Exemption

1. Tuition Payment Account Registration System

2. Tuition Fee

The tuition fee, the admission fee and the application fee of Okayama University are as follows.

As of FY2021

Category Tuition Fee (yen/annual) Admission Fee Application Fee
Graduate Student




Research Student




The amount of fee is subject to change.

The international students studying under a government sponsorship or the students based on special agreements with Okayama University might be exempted. Full-time degree-seeking undergraduates and graduate students who have excellent academic records and yet have difficulties in continuing their academic works for financial reasons might be exempted from paying the total or half amount of the tuition fees. As for graduate students, admission fee might also be exempted as well.


3. Tuition / Admission Fee Exemption

Exemption from admission and/or tuition fees, and postponement of collection of admission fee.

Okayama University has a system for waiving all or half of the admission and/or tuition fees, or postponing the collection of admission fee. This system is available for regular students (undergraduate and graduate) who have severe difficulty paying their admission and/or tuition fees because of exceptional circumstances, and who are recognized as producing excellent academic results. To apply for this system, please submit an application during the designated period to the Student Support Division.
For details, please check the bulletin board and visit the ‘学生生活’ (Student Life) (Japanese only) page.

※Office in Charge: Student Support Division,
Academic Affairs Department