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Entrance Examination

Last update: April 23, 2024

In the Division of Medical and Dental Sciences, we hold the 1st entrance examination (in August) and the 2nd entrance examination (in January).

Application Guidelines

The Application Guidelines and application documents for enrollment in AY2025 are downloadable as PDFs.
No physical documents, including the Application Guidelines, will be distributed.


For more information about CEFR, please click here.

Online Exam Fee Payment

Online payment can be made one month before the first day of the application period.

Designated Forms for Application

Download the designated forms below and print the forms on A4 paper.

Designated Forms for Preliminary Review of Application Qualification (Required only for those who do not meet application eligibility)

Application Eligibility

  1. Those who have graduated or are expected to graduate from a Japanese university.
  2. Those who have completed a 16-year school education course abroad or who are expected to graduate in the relevant academic year.
  3. Those who are recognized as having academic ability equivalent to the descriptions above, and those who have been designated by the Minister of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.

For more information, please refer to the Application Guidelines for the relevant academic year.

Overview of the Entrance Examination

Application Acceptance
1st entrance examination July 12, 2024 (Friday) – July 26, 2024 (Friday)
2nd entrance examination December 10, 2024 (Tuesday) – December 23, 2024 (Monday)
Examination Schedule
1st entrance examination August 22, 2024 (Thursday): Written exam, Oral examination
Foreign applicants also need to take an interview examination (August 21 [Wednesday]).
2nd entrance examination January 16, 2025 (Thursday): Written exam, Oral examination
Foreign applicants also need to take an interview examination (January 15 [Wednesday]).
Examination Subjects
  • Written examination: English
      *Foreign applicants who fall under the above Application Eligibility “1” : Select either English or Japanese
  • Oral examination: Specialized subjects (Department chosen by the applicant)

Foreign applicants also need to take an interview examination.

Announcement of Successful Applicants
1st entrance examination September 6, 2024 (Friday), 10:00
2nd entrance examination February 21, 2025 (Friday), 10:00


Details will be provided when your Examination Admission Ticket is sent.

Completion Requirements

Students must be registered in the Master’s Course for two years, earn at least 30 credits, receive research guidance, and pass a thesis review and the final examination.