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Counseling Services

To provide support for master’s students who seek employment in private industries, government offices, etc., the Career Support Office of the Institute for Education and Student Services shares information by sending it to such students’ addresses of their Okayama University Gmail, whose account is provided by the university. For more information, please check Okayama University’s website page related to career support.
In addition, the Career Support Office holds job-hunting guidance sessions and company research seminars for master’s students (on the Shikata Campus) on a regular basis. Moreover, the ART Program Office on the Shikata Campus is always staffed by a qualified career consultant. The consultant provides job-hunting advice at any time to help master’s students who are seeking employment in private industries, government offices, etc. after completing their course. The confidentiality of your counseling is ensured, so please feel safe to use this service.

  • Point 1: Career counseling available at any time!
    You can receive career counseling at the ART Office, located on the 2nd floor of the university Co-op shop, so that you can complete your curricula smoothly at the graduate school and explore your career after completion.
  • Point 2: Planning and PR of job-hunting support events
    You can join a wide variety of job-hunting support events available only on the Shikata Campus, including alumni talk sessions, job-hunting guidance seminars, company research seminars, and private counseling sessions. At the same time, you can receive information on other events organized in cooperation with the Tsushima Career Support Office of the Institute for Education and Student Services, Mynavi, Rikunavi, New Graduate Hello Work, etc.
  • Point 3: Individual support for students wishing to obtain a national qualification or work as a civil servant
    If you wish to acquire a national qualification (a clinical laboratory technologist, a nurse, a clinical engineer, etc.) or want to work as a civil servant or a teacher, you can receive information separately.

For counseling on job hunting and career exploration, contact the ART Program Office.
Venue: 2nd floor of the Alumni Memorial Building
TEL: 086-235-6540     E-mail: art_info(a)adm. okayama-u.ac.jp
To prevent junk mail, we have replaced the @ mark with (a) in the e-mail addresses below. For inquiries, please contact us by replacing (a) with the @ mark.

The International Student Counseling Office was established in October 2018. If you have any concerns, questions, problems, or worries about yourself or your family, please visit the International Student Counseling Office. The relevant faculty members provide counseling on study, research, scholarships, tuition fees, accommodations, entry into Japan and resident status, family, medical care, etc.

Counseling Room on the Shikata Campus: Seminar Room #2, 3rd floor of the Shikata Library
Hours: Tuesday, 10:00 – 13:00; and Friday, 15:00 – 18:00

In addition, the Disable Student Support Office, the Harassment Prevention Office, and the Health Management Counseling Office have also been established. Please use the necessary counseling service through the Shikata Branch of the International Affairs Office (on the first floor of the Administrative Office Building) or through the Counseling Office for Studying Abroad so that you can receive support in your language.

If you have any problem with your Okayama University Gmail, your Okayama University ID, the Integrated Authentication Management System, wireless LAN, software, the use of PCs for educational purposes, security measures, etc., contact the Center for Information Technology and Management of Okayama University.
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