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The research subsidy program is intended to provide financial support for excellent students in order to foster researchers who can make their presence felt in the global arena. When giving a research presentation at an international academic conference held in Japan or abroad, currently enrolled graduate students can apply for the research subsidy program. The application shall be submitted within three months from the date when the relevant academic conference ended.

  1. The applicant needs to be a graduate student who gave a presentation at an international academic conference or another event designated separately by the university’s President (hereinafter referred to as “academic conference, etc.”)
  2. If the conference is not on the List of Academic Conferences Specified by the President, the applicant needs to submit a Letter of Recommendation from the Dean of the Graduate School. If the conference is not on the list, it is necessary that it has been held by an organization established for an academic purpose (hereinafter referred to as “academic organization”), has taken place globally, and has been organized with participants, presentation papers, etc. invited globally.
  3. If a research team has given a presentation at an academic conference, etc., the subsidy will be provided only to the member who gave the presentation on behalf of the team (e.g principal investigator).
  4. No presentation given during temporary leave from school is eligible for the subsidy program.

  1. Fill out an Application for Issuance of Recommendation Letter (Attachment 1) and obtain approval (signature) from the relevant professor in your department.
  2. Fill out a Recommendation Letter from the Dean (Attachment 1) related to Okayama University Research Subsidy.
  3. Submit Attachments 1 and 2 to the office in charge
  4. Once a Recommendation Letter is issued, the office will inform you of its availability through your department.

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