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For Master’s Course Students

This page provides important information on classes, thesis application, school life, etc. for students of the master’s course of the Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences. Please check the latest information before registering for classes or submitting applications.

Important notices on academic matters are posted here for graduate students of the master’s course.

Students can check their earned credits by the following ways.

  1. Check the credits earned on the Academic Affairs System.
     Go to the Academic Affairs System  to check your transcript. Click here  for instructions on how to use the system.
  2. Check the credits earned at the graduate school office.
    1. In case of checking by an applicant, his/her student ID card will be required.
    2. In case of checking by an attorney on behalf of the applicant, the applicant’s student ID card, the attorney’s personal identification, and a Power of Attorney (POA) will be required. The POA will be any format but including the following: I, Applicant’s Name hereby appoint Attorney’s name as attorney for confirming my credits earned and attendance counts. Date and applicant’s signature should also be included.
  3. Check credits earned by e-mail.
    Use your Okadai Gmail account to send a request to the email account of the graduate school office with a photocopy of your student ID card attached. Please kindly note that only a request sent from student’s Okadai Gmail is acceptable.

The orientation for the master’s course will be held in person to take all possible precautions against novel coronavirus infection as follows:

<Date and time> Friday, April 1, 2022, 14:00 –
<Place> Graduate School Lecture Room 1, 2F of the Basic Medical Science Building, Shikata Campus

Further information will be sent by e-mail to all students after their registration. Please kindly note that classes for the Master’s Course will begin at 8:40 a.m. on Monday, April 4.


 Classes are being held this year in person, online, and in a hybrid mode of in-person and online with measures against COVID-19 taken in order to prevent the spread of the pandemic. Before taking an online lecture, be sure to sign the confidentiality Pledge and submit the original of the pledge. Once you submit the pledge after your enrollment, it will be valid until your graduation. Online lectures are held via Moodle, POSGRA, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Stream, Zoom, etc. To attend a lecture via a tool other than Zoom, you need your Okayama University ID and password showing your status as a graduate student. If you have any questions about the Okayama University ID or related matters, please contact the Center for Information Technology and Management.

  • Click here for the Pledge.
    To protect the rights of intellectual property, personal information, etc., we need you to submit the Pledge in advance to allow you to take classes at university.
  • Click here for explanatory materials on intellectual property.

The contents vary depending on the year of enrollment. Be sure to check the version for the year of your enrollment.

Syllabus Search for more information on classes

When searching, select “32: Master’s Course, Graduate School of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences” in the “Faculty, etc.” field.

At this graduate school, students will NOT use an online system for class registration. The class registration procedure varies depending on the program, so please read the following points carefully.

  • General Program: Registration is not required since classes to be taken are designated. Refer to Student Handbook for more details.
  • Public Health Program (MPH Program): Consult with your chief supervisor and complete your Class Registration Plan before submitting it to the graduate school office. Click here for the Study Planning Sheet form.
  • In open time slots of the Annual Class Schedule, you will receive research guidance for experiments, research, research presentation, etc. from your chief supervisor in the department. Please check with your department as soon as possible.

All students excluding those who are on temporary leave from school and studying abroad are supposed to prepare an Annual Plan and Report for Research once a year and submit it to the Academic Affairs Committee through the graduate school office.

The graduate school office will send a request to submit an Annual Plan and Report for Research to students through their departments every May to June. Students are supposed to discuss their annual research plan with supervisors and then fill out the designated form, excluding the field “Research Guidance Plan”. Subsequently, students’ supervisors will fill in their “Research Guidance Plan.” The chief supervisor will thoroughly read through these fields and provide the necessary guidance to the student and other supervisors. The Annual Plan and Report for Research should be submitted to the office after completing all of the above steps.

  1. Grading System
    With the maximum possible score set as 100 points, 60 points or more are deemed “Pass” and 59 and below “Failure.”
    Marks are shown below. Depending on the class subject, however, grades might be described as “Complete” or “Failure.”                                                   

    Grade Score Criteria
    A+ 90 – 100 Fully achieved the goals with extremely excellent results.
    A 80 – 89 Achieved the goals with excellent results.
    B 70 – 79 Achieved the goals with good results.
    C 60 – 69 Almost achieved the goals.
    F 0 – 59 Failed to achieve the goals.
  2. Grading Criteria
    1. Formative evaluation1) and/or summative evaluation2) will be conducted for each subject in the division.  Whichever types of evaluation are adopted, you will not be subject to evaluation if your class attendance is less than two-thirds.
    2. Formative evaluation*2 will be conducted for classes in which research activities by students and research guidance given to them are eligible for credit (i.e., Research and Research Presentation classes). In Research classes, you conduct experiments and surveys, keep records, and receive guidance from faculty members. In Research Presentations classes, students give presentations on their research activities and engage in discussions with other students and faculty members. Your chief supervisor comprehensively evaluates your performance according to criteria such as active participation in these activities, research outcomes and contribution to laboratory operation (e.g., management of specimens and equipment for shared use).Based on such evaluation, 60 points or more shall be the criterion for credit accreditation.

    Based on such evaluation, 60 points or more shall be the criterion for credit accreditation.

    *1: Formative evaluation is a range of evaluation procedures conducted during the learning process to check the relevant student’s degree of attainment toward his/her learning target and improve his/her learning activities. In addition to the above-mentioned evaluation items, questions-and-answers for each class and feedback to the student are commonly used.                                                  

    *2:  Summative evaluation refers to an evaluation performed after a series of the relevant classes to check the student’s degree of attainment toward the learning target based on the student’s entire performance. Written examinations are commonly used.

  3. Inquiries regarding Grading
    1. If you have a question regarding your grade, you can ask the faculty member of the relevant class or the Administrative Office regarding the evaluation method and other details.
    2. If you cannot obtain a convincing answer from the relevant faculty member, etc., you can bring the case to the attention of the Academic Affairs Committee.
    3. In this case, the Academic Affairs Committee shall make the necessary coordination and other efforts.

Download the Application Instructions for more information and read them carefully.

Scheduled Completion Month Thesis Presentation Schedule Submission Due Date
Completion in September 2023 Late July – Early August, 2023
  • Deadline for submitting the Thesis Title Form
    April  28 (Friday), 2023, 4:00pm
  • Period for submitting the thesis
    July 18 (Tuesday) – 20 (Thursday), 2023, 3:00pm
Completion in March 2024 January 19 (Friday) – 29 (Monday), 2024
*The details will be fixed around late December 2023.
  • Deadline for submitting the Thesis Title Form
    October 31, 2023 (Tuesday), 4:00pm
  • Period for submitting the thesis
    January 10 (Wednesday) – 12 (Friday), 2024, 3:00pm

Download the designated forms below. Print the forms on A4 paper.


Submit Form 2 and Form 4 to the Graduate School Office by e-mail.
Email to here

  • When sending Form 2
    E-mail subject: Submission of the Master’s Thesis Title (Applicant’s Name)
    Name of the attached file: Student ID_Applicant’s Name
  • When sending Form 4
    E-mail subject: Submission of the Master’s Thesis Abstract (Applicant’s Name)
    Name of the attached file: Student ID_Applicant’s Name